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Recommendations based on hands-on experience, extensive reviews, and years of riding. Updated annually or whenever notable motorcycles are released.

The Best Motorcycles You Can Ride Right Now

These bike lists aggregate the best motorcycles in their respective classes. If you want to see the best of what's on sale right now, these are the lists for you.

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FAQs About Our Motorcycle Lists

How are motorcycles evaluated and compared when added or removed from these lists?

We want to celebrate and recognize the motorcycles that offer a compelling rider experience, good value for money, and above-average predicted reliability and maintenance costs.

Motorcycles that are exceptional in their class or especially innovative are also regularly found in our best bike lists.

Have you ridden all of the motorcycles mentioned?

No, but we have ridden a lot of them, and we cover motorcycles daily as part of our editorial schedule. See our hands-on motorcycle reviews at

Who is choosing the motorcycles included in the lists?

The team at works across a network of Powersports sites, including Best Beginner Motorcycles, Return of the Cafe Racers, and webBikeWorld. Learn more about our team.

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