the best full face motorcycle helmets of 2023

The Best Motorcycle Riding Gear of 2023

Every year our team hands-on reviews 50+ pieces of riding gear, from helmets to boots and everything in-between.

Start With These Riding Gear Essentials

We recommend that you always ride ATGATT. Of all your essential riding gear, your helmet and jacket are the most important. Looking for new gear? Start here.

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Every year our team hands-on reviews 50+ pieces of gear, checks out industry events, and waxes poetically about the future of the industry. Oh, and let's not forget the ample amount of #bikeporn that comes along for the ride.

The Best Riding Gear for Men

The best motorcycle jackets and pants for men.

The Best Riding Gear for Women

The best motorcycle jackets and pants for women. See more women's riding gear reviews.

The Best Boots, Gloves, & Jackets

FAQs About Our Motorcycle Gear Lists

How is riding gear selected for these lists? What is the criteria?

We prioritize riding gear that delivers good value for money while maximizing safety and protection. The primary function of any piece of motorcycle riding gear is to keep you safe should you crash or lay your bike down.

Each type of riding gear has its own criteria. Helmets, for example, have to consider comfort, weight, certification (DOT/ECE/Snell/etc.), as well as nice-to-have’s, such as integrated sun-visors or bluetooth intercoms.

How something performs in its price segment is also important. Inexpensive helmets that do not offer integrated electronics or have lower-quality graphics may still be included in these lists, whereas a high-end helmet with the same gaps would not be.

Have you reviewed all of the gear that you’re recommending?

No, but we have reviewed a significant amount of gear. Our team has more motorcycle gear reviews under their belt than anyone, with more than 3,000 hands-on reviews completed to date.

Who is choosing the riding gear included in the lists?

Calling out the best riding gear of the season is an ambitious task that our team takes on twice-per year. We are a collection of motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, safety instructors (or former), and hobbyists. Composed of a roughly 50:50 mix of men and women, our team is located in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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