2023 Himiway Cobra Pro eBike

An eMTB that has been designed for the roughest of terrains, and is one of the best under $4,000 USD

You can read the full review of the Himiway Cobra Pro on our sister site, webBikeWorld.

For a few years now, eBikes have emerged as one of the fastest growing segments in both recreation and viable modes of getting around. In fact, it could be argued that an eBike has more access for commuting and/or regular runabout duties than a motorcycle because of many cities today having dedicated bike lanes and pathway systems that allow for bikes to travel on them away from the roads. For cities with an abundance of parks, beach boulevards, and amazing lookout points once you can get to them, an eBike can turn a great day into a full-on adventure.

Adventure is what Himiway, one of the top tier eBike manufacturers out of Europe, had as their goal when they designed the Cobra Pro eMTB (electric Mountain Bike). It is not so much designed as a commuter bike or even a runabout, instead being intended for use by those that want to get off the beaten (or paved) path and get some proper dirt, dust, mud, brush, and other various things under the tires as you go exploring.

You won’t be lacking for power during your adventure riding, as the Cobra Pro features a top-tier Bafang M620 1000W mid-drive motor, with a peak output potential of 1.2 kW. That motor also provides up to 160 Nm of torque (118 lbs-ft), which with pedal assist set to the most powerful will get you up to 50 KPH (~30 MPH) without issue. Also consider the fact that not many motorcycles have 160 Nm available, and one can begin to understand why this eMTB was meant for adventures!

Priced at $3,999 USD, the Cobra Pro is not what one would label as “cheap,” but it is is one of the few eBikes that has full suspension, as most only have front fork suspension with a hard tail setup. Himiway has fit adjustable inverted forks on the front that are air suspension instead of the cheaper and more standard coil-over-hydraulic setup, and a quad-link rear suspension that absorbs even the roughest bumps and bangs without complaint.


The Cobra Pro also has some of the widest tires fitted to any eBike, wider than most tires on a dual-sport or ADV bike, at 122mm, or 4.8 inches. They are aggressive CST “Roly Poly” tires, with a definite off-road oriented grip pattern designed to grab into any surface. These tires are also one of the biggest issues with the bike, in the sense that they need the electric motor to provide enough torque to rotated them. It all comes down to the massive contact patch these tires have, which is perfectly fine for flat terrain or rolling downhill. But combine the big contact patches with the 40.8 kg (90 lbs) weight of the bike, which makes it one of the heavier bikes out there, and even a hint of an incline means that you’ll either exhaust yourself before even reaching halfway, or you’ll be walking beside the bike pushing it up the hill if you run out of battery.


The tires and weight combined also provide issues in transporting the bike, as unless you have a ute with a big bed or a dirt-bike trailer, the Cobra Pro is rather difficult to mount on many standard tow-hitch or back-of-car bike transport systems. However, if you find a viable solution,  when you do get the Cobra Pro to a proper off-road trail, there is not much out there for less than $4,000 that can match its power, comfortable suspension, amazing grip on any surface, and fun factor.

You can read the full review of the Himiway Cobra Pro on our sister site, webBikeWorld, which gives you a much more in depth look at all the above summary points and more!

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