LA Rooted hosts a variety of programs meant to build intergenerational strength, resilience and healing in our communities. These programs are open to all ages and are supported by LA Rooted while being organized independently by various members of our collective.

Cuentos del Corazón

Cuentos del Corazón are “stories from the heart” that we share in a safe space to cultivate mutual healing. People share their stories of traumas, triumphs, resolutions, and ideas to resolve hard life situations. In this shared space the community has time to learn from one another’s stories and experiences and to share teachings from their personal life journeys. While this is more emotionally and spiritually intense we do it because we are personally motivated to create spaces where we can shamelessly state our traumas; both the ones we cause and those that are caused by others. We have also included this in our summer program with youth around issues of consent, gender identity, sexuality, and mental health.  If you’d like more information on Cuentos del Corazón, please email us at

Rhythmic Resistance

Rhythmic Resistance Dance for Freedom is a series of dance classes that incorporate decolonial history with smooth dance moves. With the first program taking place in the summer of 2015, participants learned about the history of cumbia, hip-hop, modern/latin dance and more over the course of six Sunday afternoon classes. Stay tuned for more information on next year’s Rhythmic Resistance dates and schedule!