Registration for the Spring 2016 Loving Accountability Tour ends on February 10. Click here to fill out the application to register!

Loving Accountability Bike Tour 2016: March 31 to April 4
160 miles of Beautiful Riding and Accountability SEEDING Exchange: Sharing Experiences, Education, Discipline, Intentions and Nourishment for Growth!!

The Loving Accountability Tour is for Queer/Trans/Womyn of Color between the ages of 18-24.

The tour is geared toward first time tourers. Besides the various pre-trainings on learning how to bicycle tour, participants gain knowledge from various workshops on the theme of Loving Accountability. The aim of these workshops is to help each of the participants become aware of the ways that they can improve with love their accountability to themselves and their communities and how to help others be accountable using the premise of love. 

Loving Accountability Tour Participants, 2015.
Loving Accountability Tour Participants, 2015.