Aatin means Palabra/Word in Q’eqchi. LA Rooted believes in the necessity of our Palabra/word matching our actions. We recognize that our aatin is an invaluable offering we can make to our communities’ freedom. Below we list our eb’ li aatin (las palabras) we are committed to exemplify as LA Rooted. Yet, we also recognize the need to further refine and reshape any of our aatins in a way that increases how we benefit those most marginalized in our communities.


AutoNomoney :

We want: resources, autonomy, safety, security & health for ourselves and for community.  That is our long term vision.

  1. Our Free(dom) Wage: LA Rooted acknowledges the need to value monetarily the work we do for our communities. Since we operate through a freedom lens, as in the fact that this work is direly needed in our communities, we believe that any member to get compensated will first have to be trained uncompensated for any program. The following program’s year, could be compensated based on our revenue.  
  2. Fundraising Vision: It is important for us to remain an autonomous grassroots collective. For this reason we will ensure that we only apply to funding that is not directly connected to corporate money nor organizations that compromise our ideals.  We want to continue to collaborate with other autonomous grassroots collectives or organizations that share our values. We do this in the spirit of mutual aid and autonomy.


Collaborations and Partnerships-

LA Rooted aims to establish collaborative relationships with other organizations.  We aim for these relationships to be built on a foundation of mutual aid which respects each organization’s autonomy and values.


Parent Communication-

To effectively communicate with parents we will ensure to have a parent liaison, as well as being ultra clear and in writing our expectations for their support. This needs to be further developed.


Community Accountability-

We strive to work with organizations, individuals, and collectives that hold themselves accountable to the broad community and the immediate community, so as not to perpetuate oppression nor trauma.


Intergenerational Resilience Building-

Our program aims to honor the parents, elders and community members of all ages that cultivate the resilience in our young warriors.  Rooted in the philosophy that it “takes a village to raise a child” it is important to empower, heal and connect by creating intergenerational spaces where we share experiences, knowledge and wisdom.



LA Rooted uses bicycles as a central tool to practice our spiritual development, build community autonomy, transmit concepts of sustainability of our earth, and help ignite self-resilience and self-love.



We currently have insurance through our LCI instructors and the League’s Bike Club insurance program. Currently, all safety courses are covered by our LCI instructors. We have an additional 26 rides covered/year for 50 participants on each ride.



We will implement a multi-faceted evaluation approach that will include video reflections with scripted questions and a pre and exit survey. This needs to be furthered developed.


LA Rooted VS Raíces Roots

We recognize that LA Rooted was birthed from Raíces Roots.


Fire Circle Structure  (How we operate)

  1. Flame: Participants, youth and parents of our programs.
    1. Through communication and evaluations they help guide and improve LA Rooted.
    2. Parent Liaison is the central role in ensuring evaluations are gathered
  2. Firekeepers:
    1. Must complete an outdoor adventure, a questionnaire, and volunteer hours to be considered as a firekeeper. There may be an exception to this rule if the potential firekeeper fills in a direly needed role, in which they complete requirements within their first season.
    2. 3 TRAINING REQUIREMENTS (Bike safety & mechanics & other things)
    3. Pragmatic and Logistical responsibilities: decide budget, collaborations, vision deciders, insurance, bank responsibilities, write grants, create collective framework, etc.  
  3. Fire Watchers:
    1. Must complete an outdoor adventure and a questionnaire.
    2. 3 TRAINING REQUIREMENTS (Bike safety & mechanics & other things)
    3. Programming & Envisioning responsibilities: creating/planning/preparing/implementing programs, workshops, fundraisers, events, etc also seek out in-kind donations, write letters, etc.
    4. has to do one fundraiser per season of their commitment
  4. Wood Gatherers. Examples: teachers, chefs, etc.
    1. Responsibility examples: doing outreach, printing, passing out fliers, etc.
    2. Wood Gatherers will be under the direction of one fire keeper, which can rotate per program.
  5. Supporters. Examples: MCM, RESIST, donors, KPFK, CCAC.
    1. Help ensure the sustainability of LA Rooted through monetary and in-kind donations that align with our accountability and autonomy values.

Fire Circle Decision Making

  1. LA Rooted Fire Keepers make decisions based on our goals, needs and values, particularly centered on making decisions that benefit those most marginalized within our communities (i.e trans & queer people, undocumented, monolingual non-english, low-income, non- US standard educated, etc). We discuss our program’s short and long term goals and work our way backwards to identify the tasks needed to achieve these goals. Tasks are taken based on a Fire Keeper’s skills, capacity and ability.  LA Rooted is open to the visions, dreams and goals of all its members, so long as they remain connected to our collective philosophies. To make our final decisions we use trust, inclusiveness, and consensus. As fire keepers we trust each other to act within our tasks and roles, so long as they meet our vision and values.  Fire keepers are responsible for communicating information to other fire keepers. When it’s not within our tasks and roles, we take items to the collective. We require a quorum of 60% for any meeting of the firekeepers or fire watchers.
    1. Firekeepers (15 hr/month commitment)
      1. Agenda Setting Phone Conference 30 minute check-in Required (can miss one in a season)
      2. One Monthly Inner Circle Meeting 3 hours Required (can miss one in a season)
      3. Two 4-hour work days a month required
      4. 3 additional hours
      5. Full Consensus required for Pragmatic and Logistical decisions
    2. Firewatchers (10 hr/month commitment)
      1. One Monthly Inner Circle Meeting 3 hours (can miss one in a season)
      2. One 4-hour workday a month
      3. 3 additional hours
      4. Full consensus required for programmatic and envisioning decisions
  2. TRUST- We trust that each person will best execute their self-appointed roles.


Being an autonomous individual in a collective

LA Rooted is founded on collective members being autonomous.  We define autonomy through fully entrusting and relying on each other to create, plan and execute our visions with the support of LA Rooted.  We strongly believe in cultivating individual growth, passion and dreams.  Along the same thread, it is important to acknowledge that we are only one part of a collective, meaning that when we take on a task or responsibility we are accountable to our palabra. This also means that we honestly communicate our progress and capacity to the collective throughout time.  


Accountability Commitment –

LAR Fire Circle, Wood Gatherers, Supporters and other participants are asked to honor our Accountability Commitment when working within our programs:

As a member of LA Rooted I am committed to operating and behaving from a place of love. This includes my decision to not perpetuate any type of violence towards any of the members of LA Rooted, including parents, youth, other volunteers, facilitators, supporters, etc.

By violence, I understand that my language, physical behavior, communication style (electronically, written, or verbal) must be respectful and consistent at all times.

Additionally, I have begun to do the work to hold myself accountable for the ways in which I have previously perpetuated oppression physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.  I am also open to holding myself accountable for ways in which I perpetuate oppression I am as yet unaware of.

I recognize that LA Rooted does not judge people by their past mistakes.  Instead LA Rooted is proud to work alongside people who hold themselves accountable in public and are doing the work necessary to improve the overall health of our communities.

I also understand that if I fall short in honoring this commitment, LA Rooted has the right to employ necessary steps to hold me accountable, which could include being asked to discontinue my participation in the program.