LA Rooted strongly believes every person of color deserves experiences that encourage self-esteem, promote love for a self-identity, establish healthy daily practices and foster agency for their own education and that of their communities.

We base our work on transformative values created to empower ourselves and our communities.

MAIZeres: Our food justice values

MAIZeres is a foundation for approaching food in a way that adheres to social justice and ancestral values. More complex than veganism or vegetarianism, MAIZeres merges our cultural backgrounds with our desire to lead sustainable lives.

MAIZeres stands for:
M: Masticar/Masticate –

Our mouths are where digestion begins. Ideally, food should be masticated (aka: chewed) to the point where it is broken down enough to slip down the system without much effort. The benefits of proper mastication are numerous – better oral hygiene, improved digestion and better nutrient absorption.

A: Ancestral –

The globalization of food systems means we have come to rely on a handful or fruits and vegetables to fulfill our nutritional needs. When we look back thousands of years, we learn that our ancestors from across the globe consumed numerous plants that have been forgotten by a few key cash crops. Looking back to our ancestral foods, we find food sources that are not only culturally relevant, but highly nutritious, more environmentally sustainable, and commonplace.

I: Intencional/Intentional –

Why are we REALLY eating that piece of candy? Is it because we are hungry, or for some other reason? And if we are intentionally indulging our sweet tooth, what is the candy made of, and how did it come to be? Being intentional with what we eat and why we eat it can transform or everyday life, and thus, our world.

Z: Zero Waste/Cero Desperdicio –

The impact of what we choose to consume has far-reaching effects beyond our health or waistline. A pound of beef, for example, requires more than 1,800lbs of water to produce. That, plus the fossil fuels required to transport the beef from farm to table, makes for a profound impact on our environment. And if we order in? That increases our impact on the world’s landfills after that takeout package gets emptied. We incorporate Zero Waste practices into our lives by seeking to reduce our wasteful use of the world around us.

Aatin: Our Palabra/Word

Aatin means Palabra/Word in Q’eqchi. LA Rooted believes in the necessity of our Palabra/word matching our actions. We recognize that our aatin is an invaluable offering we can make to our communities’ freedom. For a full list of the eb’ li aatin (las palabras) LA Rooted is committed to exemplify, please click here. We recognize the need to further refine and reshape any of our aatins in way that increases how we benefit those most marginalized in our communities.