LA Rooted’s is based on education rooted in ancestral wisdom and environmental stewardship, community advocacy, self care and food justice.

Our educational theory strives toward a positive coexistence between humans and nature. Based on developing and nurturing non-exploitative relationships, LA Rooted aims to challenge social and personal activities that conflict with harmonious relationships with nature, others and ourselves.


Environmental Stewardship-

Connecting students with the natural world has a profound impact for transformative change. We practice connections to the environment in our programming through various ways, including:

  • ZERO WASTE PRACTICES: We ask all participants to bring their own reusable plate, water bottle and utensils for meals served during our program. We emphasize the importance of composting and raise awareness about the impact various food packaging has on the environment (soda cans, chip bags, etc.).
  • GRAYWATER RECYCLING: Participants wash their own plates and utensils after each meal using a bucket dishwashing method. This method conserves water and allows for the collected water to be used on nearby plants. In this way, water returns to the ground instead of having to be processed by treatment plants and sent to the ocean.
  • OUTDOOR CONNECTIONS: Our programming emphasizes visits to various local and state parks, as well as native grounds. We emphasize not only the importance of the natural world, but the indigenous history and culture of these areas.

Community –

  • THE PEOPLE’S MUSEUM: The people’s museum widens students’ local, global and historical perspectives by connecting them with the knowledge and expertise of the city’s professionals, activists, artivists, gardeners and storytellers. We invite scholars, professionals, artists and community members from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge with youth leaders. The people’s museum combines field trips to historical sites alongside oral histories and hands-on experimentation.
  • DISPLACEMENT: Our curriculum includes workshops and dialogue on the way displacement impacts our communities and the different forms it takes – from forced international migration to gentrification, displacement comes in many forms and profoundly affects our communities.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: LA Rooted places a strong emphasis on personal and community accountability. We strive to work alongside individuals and groups that work to hold themselves accountable to the broad community and the immediate community, so as not to perpetuate oppression nor trauma.

Self Love & Self Healing –

  • IDENTITY: We strive to create curriculum that emphasizes love and acceptance for our self-identities. We work on creating spaces that are safe for queer, trans, young people of color to be themselves and feel loved.
  • SELF CARE PRACTICES: Our curriculum includes workshops on womb care, the intricacies of the menstrual cycle, the complexity of nutrition, and more.
  • BODY MOVEMENT: From dancing, yoga, parkour and cycling, LA Rooted seeks to introduce urban youth of color to the many ways we can stay active and healthy in our own communities.

Food Justice –

  • LOCAL, VEGAN, MADE WITH LOVE: LA Rooted has collaborative partnerships with collectives working to promote food justice in our communities. Our relationships with them allow us to bring fresh, organic, vegan meals to our youth that are prepared daily. Participants also get to meet the chefs and talk about food justice work in our communities.