Week 4, Day 2 Boyle Heights By: Bridget Rojas

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Boyle Heights! Cool! Biking there it was a bit uphill-like but that means more downhills on the way back. *raises eyebrows twice*.  First we went to Herbs of Mexico where we did a scavenger hunt, clay masks, and herbal sampling. I even ended up buying a tea for my bro. After that we went to a park across the street and had free time at a play ground.

Waiting for 20 minutes, lunch finally came and they were sandwiches!!!! Yay!! They were so good I probably ate like three. Thanks a lot Wednesday crew! We got ready to go to La Concha. At this place we did capoiera and played some music on instruments we weren’t used to. Thanks Akk!

Over all the day was super fun, interesting, and a bit warm.Thanks for reading!

By~ Bridget Rojas

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