Week 4, Day 1 Santa Monica By: Bridget Rojas

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Today we intended to go to Baldwin Hills, buuuut ended up going to Santa Monica, Muscle Beach. ON THE BUS. The reason we went on the bus was because we did not have the keys to open the bike room in the firehouse. We walked from the firehouse to Civic Center, took the red line train, and got off at 7th St. Metro Center Station to get the Expo Line that takes us all the way to Santa Monica.

When we got off the train, we walked to the pier to take a few pics and then walked down to Muscle Beach. Some of us played in the water a bit, and the rest relaxed on the sand. After being near the ocean, we went to the actual part of said “Muscle Beach”. There were lots of kids and men. The kids played on the swings, monkey bars, and ropes, while the men did pull-ups and worked out. We played for a bit then we had lunch with Tanya. Which was delicious!

Later we made some cards for Jo and Imelda, which was fun. Then we went to play a bit more at Muscle Beach. The day was full and great and we made it back to the firehouse in time. :)

By~Bridget Rojas

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