Week 3, Day 2 and 3 Castaic Lake By: Bridget Rojas

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Woohoo!!! Camping time!! Early in the morning we get our bikes our bags and our water and roll out to Union Station. It’s pretty cool walking through Union Station with a group of bikers. Also special thanks to our sponsor Mike who paid for our Metro-link tickets!!! We got off on Santa Clarita, then biked only 4 miles to where there were a bunch of suburbs and from there we got picked up in the car. I CALL SHOTGUN!! It was an awesome ride because we went on the Old Road (*little voice says*: THE OLDEST FREEWAY IN CALIFORNIA).

When we finally got there it was hot and there was the driest grass and the greenest tress. There was not much shade and the camp site was at the top of a steep hill. But it all was still beautiful and breathtaking. We were near some brown, dry mountains but we were also near the road. Which was cool and interesting at the same time. We set up our tents and got ready for water sports. What’s that?, you may ask. Well it was 1) kayaking, 2) water boarding, and 3) water biking, (which I actually didn’t go on). The kayaking was my favorite because we stopped in the middle of the lake and we meditated for a bit. It was so relaxing.

After we came back up from the lake, we ate dinner and learned how to make a natural toner with Brenda. We had some free time and went on a night hike at about 8, it was super cool letting your eyes adjust to the darkness. We stopped at the top of a hill and found this wooden fence/ post you can sit on. A few people sat on it, including me and i decided to meditate once again. This meditation was different than the earlier one. I was in it so deeply I nearly forgot where I was. I felt connected with something, nature, air, I don’t know. But I felt at peace. When my friend nudged me I came out and I felt more awake and I was hyper. I thought of some weird stories on the way back down like about a cute little girl and a bear start fencing in the forest and the bear has a little hat. The bear turns out to be a human and they become friends. Weird, huh? the second one was when we saw a skunk and my friend Amelah was scared and said HE’S COMING BACK!! HE’S DISMOUNTING!! I laughed and then I said, “hey that could be another story. aaaand his name is Franklin the biking skunk.” I have no idea. Don’t ask why I have a talent for making children’s stories.

We came back to a campfire and we were all so excited to see it, but only ended up eating smores and staying at the campfire for 5 minutes. Everyone got ready for bed and us girls watched a scary movie in our tent. I was a bit freaked out, so I suggested we watch something not scary…which ended up being… the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After that I knocked out and only woke up once when I was deep in my sleeping bag and I forgot where I was. Which was pretty funny now that I think about it. Overall I had a pretty good sleep.

We woke up and I basically ate dinner for breakfast. Thanks lentil soup!! We packed the tents, sleeping bags, and personal items, and had some free time. We went swimming around 10 and it was more like floating for me because I don’t know how to swim. When we came back it was time for cleaning and organizing everything else.  I did some journaling and field notes. A while after that we made our way back home. All the way in the car. Which i happened to take a short nap in. It was great to be back home and the camping trip was completely satisfactory. (Besides the heat.) I love camping with LA Rooted. :)

By~ Bridget Rojas

P.S. Thanks to Fam Camp who provided tents and sleeping bags. Also thanks to Mike for sponsoring us. The reason he bought our Metro-link tickets was because he has a website called bikecar101.com , visit it and find out more about why we need more bike cars in the trains,and what you can do about it.

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