Week 3, Day 1 Echo Park (again) By: Bridget Rojas

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Tuesday, I admit, wasn’t the most fun of all. We mostly stayed at the firehouse, but it was hot so I guess it wasn’t all bad. We had some snacks and hung out upstairs. We talked for a bit and then we got into a circle and did some wind movements. A little after that a woman came and taught us how to make natural cleaning products. We separated into groups and each one made a different cleaning product. Ours made fabric softener.

Afterwards we ate vegetarian burritos for lunch and went to Echo Park to go through our camping stuff to make sure we had everything, (and also to make sure we didn’t bring anything extra). The day was not as productive as it usually is at LA Rooted but its still great to go camp.

By~ Bridget Rojas

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