Week 2, Day 3 Griffith Park By: Bridget Rojas

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We started today off with stretching our sore muscles and putting chia seeds in our water. We had a long bike ride to Griffith Park. The ride was long but great, we stopped at the part of Griffith next to the pool where there was a mini zipline. We were there for about 15 minutes and then kept going further into Griffith Park. We even passed by the stables and I remembered when I was little and my grandma used to take me there to ride the horses and I mentioned to Rio how it wasn’t the least bit entertaining because the horse was so slow, but I still liked it because the horse was cute. She laughed and said that that was the most accurate description of going to ride on the little horses.

When we finally stopped again we were at our destination. Another part of the park!!! That had SWINGS!!! We had a little free time on the swings and then we had lunch. Which was delicious by the way. After lunch, we had more free time, which i spent relaxing on the grass and climbing a tree with my friend. Under said tree, we had yoga with Rio and she told us about living in the present. Which is awesome and true. Some of the yoga moves we did were hard, but I was able to do most of them. We finished and rolled up our yoga moats and got ready to ride back to Camp HQ. We refilled on water and put electrolytes in our drinks. The ride back was ACTUALLY long this time, but strangely i was not as tired as the day before. (We went farther today, so I don’t know what was up with that. Must have been the chia seeds, yoga, electrolytes, the good lunch and the fact that we were all building muscle). We finally made it back, and nobody died and it was great, although exhausting, day.

By~ Bridget Rojas

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