Week 2, Day 2 L.A. River By: Bridget Rojas

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Today we rode to the LA River with a 3rd year alumni, Jose. (He helped with blocking the cars). We ended our ride to the river at this little park and met up with some youth from a different program. Their names were Brenda and Cali and they told us about how immigration has affected them and their families.  It was very moving because they told us their own stories. I think it made us all aware of this very important topic. Afterwards we had lunch and a small break and then we were put into groups and were given an element to each group.

Our group was the water team, which was later changed to LARDWP. (Los Angeles Rooted Department of Water Protocol.) We learned about how we can use a plastic cup to do a test that will tell us whether the water is clean or polluted. Included into that test were some weird, gross, and cool bugs.

We walked back to the little park area and had a cool convo with a woman who told us about self-care/love and radical anatomy. She had us draw what we thought was a healthy body, and I just happened to draw Rio. She was smiling and had her eyes closed like she was peaceful, she was surrounded by a lettuce and an apple, and she had a bird on her shoulder. The best part of the picture was that she was rooted to the ground. I thought this was a good picture to draw because the actual definition of self-care is self-initiated, intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Anyways we had a long bike ride back, (it was actually short, but it felt long because I was tired), and we ended the day by putting our bikes away, like always, and going home. Cool day, huh?

By~ Bridget Rojas

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