Gearing up for Youth #GratitudeTour2015 !

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Our first Youth #GratitudeTour2015 is taking place November 27-29 this year!

Our grassroots program is excited about getting Youth on bike tours – but we need your help! Please donate today to help us cover equipment, food and transportation costs for our participants. For all the youth, this is the VERY FIRST BIKE TOUR! After all, bike touring can be a very expensive activity – needing panniers, quality bicycles, covering costs of food and camping fees, and more. Your contributions will be transformative for our youth! Please click here to donate via PayPal.



It has begun – the first training ride for the first LA Rooted Youth Gratitude Tour took place this past Saturday, November 7. Youth test rode their bikes over to the Bicycle Kitchen, worked on some repairs and maintenance and got an overall feel for the mechanical needs of their bicycles.

Along with becoming familiar with the basics of packing and training for a tour, Youth participants are going to spend their training rides and the tour developing practices on the theme of gratitude. After all, isn’t that what the fall season is all about?


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